Nasia Burnet – Textile designer

About me

Nasia Burnet did her initial studies at the Artemis Academy before proceeding to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is during this time that she developed her passion for textile design, a passion which has defined her life and career path. She would go on to pursue a course in Textile Design and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the same from the Royal Academy of Arts in 2011. Originally from Amsterdam, Ms. Burnet currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. 

During her studies, she made efforts to gain as much experience in the textile industry as she could. She worked as a textile designer, stylist, and producer at a textile company known as Ella’s Textile Art. She also took an internship at an upholstery in Werkplaats Willemien and carried out extensive research on textile designs in the Miao culture of the Chinese. Concurrently, Nasia Burnet completed several projects in textile and interior design both for private and for corporate clients. Her innate love for textiles was unending.

Currently, Nasia Burnet holds a special interest in handicrafts and loves working with natural, organic and environmentally friendly materials. She has a strong social media presence where she shares her work and personal development in such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Ms. Burnet gains her inspiration from her travels from which she searches for invaluable handicrafts and shares these with the rest of the world, mostly through her Instagram account. 

Nasia Burnet, besides owning and running, is also the chief executive officer and co-founder of Sukhi. Sukhi is an online based one-stop-shop for hand-made quality rugs which can be customized to the customer’s taste and needs. She has coupled her experience, knowledge, and skills with management and leadership talent to steer the Amsterdam-based company to significant levels of success. She co-founded the company together with her friend Wouter Durville with a vision to enhancing the production of environmentally friendly, affordable and highly attractive textile products. 

Ms. Burnet remains true to her initial philosophy of working with natural organic and environmental-friendly materials. She also makes conscious effort to use her position to empower people from developing countries in a bid to help them lead better lives, by making partnerships and collaborations with local communities to produce customised handmade textile products. As such, she sources her material directly from artisans in countries such as Morocco, India, Nepal, and Turkey. These materials are all naturally produced and environment-friendly. Interestingly, by sourcing the materials directly from the local artisans, her company is able to cut the production cost by eliminating warehousing and local storage costs. With reduced production costs, they are then able to produce textile products that are both high-quality and affordable. It is a triple win, with the artisans, the customers, and the company all getting the best possible value from their transactions. 

Sukhi has one main philosophy which drives their business model, one which Nasia Burnet holds very dear to her heart. They seek to tell a story through their designs, one for every customer that purchases from them. Therefore, they have shunned the idea of mass production and have specialized in the production of customized designs for their clients. 

In a recent interview, Ms. Burnet pointed out that her company has remained true to its core principle, UNIQUENESS; noting that “conscious living has moved from being just a trend to being a necessity.” Her company seeks to bring quality and authenticity into people’s houses by shunning mass production and making unique rugs for each client according to their taste, all from natural materials. Each client has the opportunity to place an order and describe the exact features they are seeking for their rug. The rug is designed in accordance with their specifications, ensuring their absolute satisfaction. 

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